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Are you:

Overwhelmed by technology?

Want to keep your documents and photos safe?

Concerned about malware?

Want help with Zoom?

Easy, secure, reliable tech is here!


Is your current Windows or MacIntosh computer getting old and slow? Are you ready move to a simpler, reliable, and secure system?

Do your tech needs fall within:

  • Email

  • Web browsing

  • Online shopping and banking

  • Word processing

  • Light photo and video editing

  • Video calling

Wisdom Tech Principles

  • Ease

  • Simplicity

  • Reliability

  • Security

  • Health - ergonomics

  • User empowerment through education

Our Service

  • Personalized recommendations for purchasing a new Chromebook

  • Setup of your new system

  • Migration of your data to Google apps

  • Education on using your new Chromebook

  • Ongoing support for your new system

  • Flat rate pricing customized to your needs

  • Zoom training

Zoom Training Testimonial

"I am writing this letter to recommend to you the services of David Shakun of Wisdom Tech. He willingly took on the task of assisting our exercise class of 13 senior women to conduct their sessions via Zoom meetings during the coronavirus pandemic. Admittedly, many will say that Zoom is easy to use. But our initial attempts had been the opposite of the norm. The age and variety of the computers and devices being used and the lack of technical skills and discomfort with computers seemed to combine to plague each session. David, with incredible patience and perseverance, was able to resolve all the issues remotely, resulting in smoothly running classes. His positive attitude and work methods suggest successful outcomes for all his endeavors."

Nancy K. Anderson, Marboro, VT, Co-Leader, Bone Builders class

David Shakun

Founder & Owner

David Shakun is passionate about empowering people with the wise use of personal technology. Since 1996, he has been a technology educator, IT manager, and web developer.

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